GREFSE is a dynamic, scientific foundation that was established in 1999. It has extensive experience in the systematic follow-up, promotion and resolution of issues of Special Education. Specifically, GREFSE supports the quantitative and qualitative terms of education for pupils with special educational needs. It is appropriate body to enrich programs with valuable experience and contribute to the dissemination of results due to its experience in training activities and to its collaboration with the National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities and Ministry of Education.
Members of GREFSE include mostly teachers of primary and secondary education, working at any type of Special Education Unit in Public School or at the Educational and Counselling Support Centres (K.E.S.Y.) for SEN pupils but also any employee to specialties of Special Education (psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists or other relevant special scientific personnel).
GREFSE accomplishes its purposes with a 3 month Newsletter, “Issues of Special Education” that is distributed to its members through its web page ( which offers news and useful online services for visitors, members and registered users, with organizing seminars, symposiums, conferences, lectures, discussions and workshops and with the organization and function of a library.
Founder and president of GREFSE is Mr. Minas Efstathiou, a Special Education Teacher, School Counselor in Special education since many years and author of books related to special education issues in Greece.