1st Newsletter

Newsletter #6. January 2021

The final Train-ASD newsletter shares the results from the final conferences, an update of the last transnational meeting and links to download available resources. Supporters of Train-ASD are invited to continue utilizing the e-learning platform and to get in touch with partners for further information about the project. 


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Newsletter #5. December 2020

Train-ASD invites you to two online half-day conferences in Greece and Romania. Join hundreds of teachers, professionals, academics attending the final events of Train-ASD to learn more about the project!


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Newsletter #4. September 2020

Train-ASD launches officially its online platform on communication and teaching approaches for autistic people. The training has been improved with feedback from two pilot sessions held in Romania and Greece.


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Newsletter #3. July 2020

Catch up on the latest news from Train-ASD such as the development of the projects' free e-learning courses, receiving the Gold Award in the field of digital education, and the project partners participation in Autism-Europe's 2020 World Autism Awareness Day campaign.


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Newsletter #2. January 2020

"The first year of TRAIN-ASD is completed and we are looking forward for a prosperous New Year that it will allow us to complete our project offering you the chance to be trained, through our e-learning platform, on how to teach and support of people on the autism spectrum with the use of alternative systems of communication"


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Newsletter #1. June 2019

Welcome to our newsletter! We will keep you updated of what we have been doing in the framework of the Train-ASD project, including events and the outputs produced by this Erasmus+ initiative...


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